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FRT RDM sensor used for Chinese construction site dust monitoring

FRT RDM Dust Monitoring Station

China is now in full swing to carry out infrastructure construction, each city has thousands of construction sites in site. With the dust pollution of cities becoming more and more serious, the government has more and more supervision over construction sites. In order to avoid dust pollution, the government has asked the construction site to install dust monitoring system and dust removal.

FRT RDM integrated sensor can fully satisfy the need to launch monitoring temperature and humidity, wind speed, air pressure, rainfall, PM2.5, noise. All the sensors are integrated, and the device also supports RS485 interface, can directly drive LED display, real-time monitoring data will be displayed on the screen, customized instruments have built-in wireless module, the data in real time back to the backend server, users only need to provide on-site supply.

It can be said that this is the perfect combination of art and function. At present, such sensors have deployed thousands of units in China, serving thousands of sites, providing urban dust data monitoring for government policy makers.




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