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In the face of pollution, atmospheric monitoring needs full coverage and gridding. What are our options

1, At present, most cities have serious air pollution, how can the government choose to do so?
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Your environment is getting worse, more and more people pay attention to the air pollution, the government attaches great importance, but the limited budget, the cost of traditional monitoring station is very expensive, not widely distribution, so the traditional way of monitoring stations and portable mode combination, it is the optimal solution, but also the future trend of application of environmental wisdom.

2, The traditional monitoring station is good, how can the data be distributed?

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Traditional monitoring station is the benchmark of environmental protection industry, and also is the basis of data traceability. Should be the preferred program, but the high cost of land acquisition, the need for regular manual maintenance, power consumption. The overall cost is high, so how can we monitor extensive data and form a data monitoring network, which can completely monitor the atmospheric environment within the urban area? FRT AQM is a good choice. However, keep in mind that the location of the portable station is only complementary, not unique, which is determined by product positioning and application positioning.

3 Portable station, is the data correct? Is it the same as a traditional station? Really can take the initiative to learn? Remote calibration? Whom should I trust?

At present, our AQM data trends have been compared with reference stations for a long time, and their data consistency and stability are excellent. I think this has actually realized the value of portable stations. Around the world, some companies are promoting sales of portable observation stations. To be exact, sales are actually portable environmental monitoring systems. It looks like a good plan. It's called active learning, remote calibration and so on. But this may be a gimmick, may be suspected of bundling, facing a wide range of industry applications, this way can not be fully satisfied, is not flexible enough, the so-called low-cost is only relatively low cost.

4 What did we do?

Accurately speaking, what we do is the intelligent sensor, WYSIWYG, belongs to intelligent hardware products, we provide the data interface and the protocol is open, users can flexibly configure, can be equipped with its own software system. We provide intuitive data and perfect calibration instructions and do our utmost to provide technical support.

We don't do any bundling, we only provide the intelligent sensor, we are willing to help more partners to achieve smart city, smart lighting, intelligent building industry case, and finally achieve a win-win situation and distributors.




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